Pogue's Basics: Operate the Windows Ribbon from the keyboard

The Windows 10 Ribbon is supposed to enhance your efficiency by putting every conceivable command in one place, with nothing hidden. But how efficient is a tool that requires mousing?Fortunately, the Ribbon is fully keyboard-operable. It even has a built-in cheat sheet. To see it, press the Alt key. You see little boxed letter-key shortcuts for each of the tabs. (Those keystrokes work even if you haven’t first summoned the cheat sheet.)Sometimes, you’ll actually see two-letter codes, to be typed one letter a time. In a Pictures library, for example, the Picture Tools tab of the Ribbon offers “JP” as the keyboard shortcut to get you to the Manage tab. But the idea is the same: to save you time and mousing.Adapted from “Pogue’s Basics: Tech” (Flatiron Press), by David Pogue. David Pogue, tech columnist for Yahoo Finance, welcomes nontoxic comments in the comments section below. On the web, he’s davidpogue.com. On Twitter, he’s @pogue. On email, he’s poguester@yahoo.com. You can read all his articles here, or you can sign up to get his columns by email. More from Pogue:Pogue’s Basics: Use YouTube’s built-in stabilizerPogue’s Basics: Bring back Photoshop’s New Document boxThese 6 systems will get rid of Wi-Fi dead spots in your houseiOS 10 Hidden Feature: Bedtime-consistency managementPogue’s Basics: Money – The Amazon cardiOS 10 Hidden Feature: Do Not Disturb Emergency BypassPogue’s Basics: Money – Extended warrantiesPogue’s cheap, unexpected tech gifts #2: ThinOptics glassesA dozen iOS 10 feature gems that Apple forgot to mentionGoPro’s most exciting mount yet: a droneProfessional-looking blurry backgrounds come to the iPhone 7 PlusPogue’s Basics: Turn off Samsung’s Smart GuidePogue Basics: Touch and hold Google MapsThe Apple Watch 2 is faster, waterproof—and more overloaded than everWe sent a balloon into space — and an epic scavenger hunt ensuedNow I get it: SnapchatThe new Fitbits are smarter, better-looking, and more well-roundedApple has killed every jack but one: Meet USB-C